Q.  When will my linens arrive?
      A.  Linens will arrive 1-4 days before your event

Q.  Will the linens need to be ironed?
      A.  The linens should be ready to go but may require additonal  
           steaming or ironing as they come folded.  

Q.   Do I need to return my rentals clean?  
      A.  No you don't as that is our job but you must fold the linens upon 

Q.   What happens if I lose my prepaid waybills?
       A.  You MUST contact us immediately to have the waybills  
            replaced.  You will be charged $35.00 per each label.               

Q.  When do the linens need to be returned?  
      A.  Linens MUST be shipped back on Tueday following the event.  
           NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q.   Must I purchase delivery insurance?
       A.  YES once optional but no longer an option.

Q.  How to schedule a Monday Pickup?
      A.  Call FedEx Ground too schedule pickup.

Q.  What if Tuesday falls on a "LEGAL" holiday?
      A.  The linens MUST be shipped back on Wednesday.  Please  
           call FedEx Ground to verify holiday.  Not all holidays are 
           observed by FedEx Ground.  

Q.  What if I'm late returning the linens?
      A.  You will forfeit your deposit.

Q.  Do you allow local pickup?
     A.   No

Q.  Do you perform a credit check?
      A.  No we do not.  Your credit is none of our business. 

Q.  Are you a legitimate company?
      A.  Yes we are

Q.  How may I verify the legitimacy of your business?
      A.  www.ks.gov and perform a "business entity" search.  

Q.  Legal business name?
      A.  Dutch Entertainment/Hook my Wedding Up

Q.  Do I pay for shipping?
      A.  Yes you do.  You pay for shipping to you and we email you 
           with a prepaid return label.  

Q.  Am I responsible for damages?
      A.  Yes you are.  Pay "actual cost" of item damaged.

Q.  Will you turn my account over to collections in the event I 
      A.  Yes we will.

Q.   What are your rental policies?
       A.  Our policies can be viewed on our Rental Terms page.  If you
            have additional questions please feel free to contact us at 

Q.    Where can I find pricing information?  
        A.  You can view each price on our Rental Pricing. 

Q.    What are your business hours?
        A.  Monday thru Friday-9:00am-5:00pm, CST  and on Saturday's from 
             9am-3pm, CST. 

Q.    When should I place my reservation?
        A.  You are more than welcome to place your order at anytime. 

Q.      Can I place my rental order online
          A.  You may download contract and terms and fax, mail, or email 
               to us.  

Q.      Can I place my purchase order online?
          A.  Yes you may.  Please be advised that we receive several 
               orders a day.  In stock items will ship within 1-2 business  
               days excluding weekends and holidays.  

Q.      Can I change my order?
           A.  Yes.  We do recommend reserving the highest possible
                quantity of rental items that you may need (+ or - 50) since 
                during the busy season it can be difficult to add items.  We 
                ask that all changes to your order are completed 22 days  
                (Friday) before your event.  There are no penalties 
                for lowering quantities before that time.   

Q.      When is my final payment and count due?
  A.  22 days before your event.  (3 weeks)  All final payments 
                are due on Friday.

Q.      Do you offer delivery or set up services?
          A.  Yes, please contact Donetta Watson with       
               http://www.oneandonlyweddingservice.com/ for setup,  
               delivery, and prices.  Please call (913) 599-9970 or (913)  
               305-3685.  Kansas City Metropolitan area only.  

Q.       Do you offer event planning? 
           A.  Yes.  Contact Donetta Watson One
                and Only Wedding Service at (913) 599-9970 for pricing and
                availability.  Kansas City Metropolitan area only.  

Q.        Why do I have to pay a non-refundable reservation fee?
            A.  We often book to capacity and thusly require reservation
                 fees to insure availability to those clients who require
                 linens for their event.  

Q.        Is my non-refundable fee applied towards my balance?
            A.  No

Q.        Is there a cancellation fee?
            A.  Yes, the $100.00 deposit is non-refundable and a 
                  restocking fee of 20% is applied to your account and 
                  charged to card on file. 

Q.         Is there a refundable deposit fee?
             A.  Yes there is in the amount of $100.00.  The deposit is
                   refunded back to the cardholders credit card placed on file 
                   as long as ALL linens are shipped back on Tuesday, as 
                   agreed upon in 
                   the contract or on Wednesday, if Tuesday is a FedEx holiday. 

Q.        Whose name must be placed on the contract?
            A.   Credit card holder

Q.         Who is responsible for damages and late fees?
             A.  Credit card holder

Q.         I don't have a valid credit card
             A.  We are unable to rent to you

Q.         What colors do you offer in polyester banquet
             A.  White, ivory, brown & black

Q.         What colors do you offer in satin banquet
             A.  White, ivory, brown, black, true red, burgundy, apple red,  
                  champagne, silver, & gold

Q.         What colors do you offer in satin self tie chair covers
             A.  White, ivory, brown, black, apple red, champagne, silver, 
                   light blue, & gold

Q.         What colors do you offer in polyester folding metal & 
 chair covers
             A.  White, ivory, & black

Q.         What colors do you offer in satin folding metal & wooden 
             chair covers 

             A.  White, ivory, brown

Q.          Do you rent polyester tablecloths
             A.  Yes

Q.          Do you rent organza overlays or runners
             A.  Yes

Q.          Are you open year around
              A.  Yes we are!  

Q.          Do you offer off season pricing
              A.  No

Q.          Are your prices set in stone
              A.  Yes

Q.          Are you just a linen rental company
             A.  No, we are a full wholesale manufacturing company 
                  specializing in all linens (chair covers, table cloths, runners, 
                  overlays, napkins, table skirt, sashes, isle runners, drape, 
                  pipe socks)

Q.           Do you sale all fabrics
              A.  Yes, poly Gabardine, organza (mirror, crystal, sparkle, 
                   charmeuse satin, crep satin, poly satin, dull satin, crinkle 
                   charmeuse, crinkle shimmer, metalic lame, taffeta, crinkle 
                   taffeta, pin tuck taffeta, poly cotton, checkered poly, 118" 
                   wide organza voil, hard net, tulle 108" wide 50 yard roll, 
                   velvet, dacron polyester...and more.  We can custom 
                   design and manufacture any size and type linen, using 
                   any fabric.  

Q.              Do you have a online store?
                 A.  Yes, but not all of our products nor colors are listed.  
                      Please email us via our "contact us" with your entire 
                      order and we will invoice you.  Please provide your 
                      email address.

Q.               Do we accept tax exempt orders
                  A.  Yes, from the State of KS, Califonia & MO only